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JILL MANGES SMITH   Director / Producer / Filmmaker / Music Supervisor


Born & raised in Los Angeles, daughter of pioneer Hollywood Make-Up Artist, Dee Manges,  Jill spent much of her childhood on movie sets and in the make-up trailer. Discovering early on a passion for music, she began singing professionally and by the age of nineteen found herself with a record deal and traveling between LA & NYC recording with artists Cameo (including the Platinum #1 song “Word Up”) & Bobby Brown. Later that same year, a chance to meet Miles Davis quickly put her music, business, and creative instincts to the test. Over the next five years, Jill introduced Miles to music, artists, producers, and creative concepts, many of her recommendations leading to production and live collaborations for Davis.


With unique & varied experience, Jill eventually transitioned from records to Music Supervision for film & TV. As an independent Music "Supe", she has worked on features, network & cable series for ABC, CBS, NBC & Showtime, Web series, and MFTV original movies for NBC, A&E, including 16 Disney Channel originals. Her latest supervision project, a feature documentary about artist-activist Betye Saar. 

In addition to collaborating on Film & TV projects (Score/Songs/Supervision) with husband, Composer, Stanley A. Smith, via their Standard Music Prod. Co.- on a mission to direct & produce a documentary passion project: "Make-Up Women-Glamour & Guts" about Hollywood's first make-up women (featuring Jill's Mother), the duo moved into content creation, launching their companion Standard Entertainment film banner in 2015. Elated when their Doc was selected to participate in the Sundance Institute | WIF, Finance & Strategy Intensive 2017.

Passionate about storytelling and expanding her repertoire Jill recently directed and shot "One Theme", a hybrid-music-interactive short film, and a "BLM Protest" music video both featuring Stanley.

Memberships:  Women In Film, ASCAP, SAG-AFTRA, IDA, IFP, Film Independent & Sundance Institute (Alumni)

STANLEY A. SMITH   Producer / Composer / Filmmaker


An LA native proudly grew up in Compton, CA, earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in music at nearby

CSULB. A career that began in the record business as a songwriter-producer and touring musician and included penning billboard charting songs & stadium tours took a sharp turn as Smith began placing original songs in movies, on soundtracks, and television shows. Eventually scoring several critically acclaimed and award-winning dramatic Feature Films: Catfish in Black Bean Sauce, The Visit, Constellation, and The Gospel. A new passion was ignited.


Award-winning film & TV Composer and multi-instrumentalist, Smith is probably best known for his work on the popular TV shows: “The Bernie Mac Show”, “Let’s Stay Together” & Ice Cube’s- “Are We There Yet?”. Composing both the weekly score and writing the theme songs for all. Currently scoring two historic feature docs, about iconic artist-activist Betye Saar and “Make-Up Women-Glamour & Guts”, co-producing the latter with wife, Director, Music Supervisor, Jill Manges Smith. The duo has collaborated throughout the years with their successful LA-based music production company and studio, Standard Music. 

Uniquely aware of music & storytelling interconnectedness and eager to tell untold & under-represented stories. Smith and Wife, Jill, launched their companion Standard Entertainment film production company to begin creating original content, at first for their documentary passion project about Hollywood's first make-up women (featuring his mother-in-law), what then quickly grew to encompass other projects: "One Theme" a hybrid-music-interactive short film, a recent “BLM Protest” music video both co-produced and featuring Smith.


Currently serving on the Composers Diversity Collective Executive Committee and the ASCAP Writers Nominating Committee. Memberships: The Television Academy, The Recording Academy, Society of Composers & Lyricists, SAG-AFTRA & Sundance Institute (Alumni)

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DEE MANGES   Consulting Producer / Retired Make-Up Artist / “Resident Historian”


Dee Manges- featured Make-Up Artist in the “Make-Up Women-Glamour & Guts" Documentary, is one of Hollywood’s first Pioneer Make-up Women accepted into the Make-Up Artists & Hairstylists Union/Local 706 and the original inspiration for the documentary. A 40-year Make-Up Veteran, Dee's career began in the 1960s as a secretary in the Universal Studios Make-Up Department, her interest in Make-Up piquing at a time when Hollywood only permitted men as Make-up Artists. Manges navigated the Studios, Union, and Make-Up Men for a decade, fearlessly following her dreams and boldly standing up for a Woman’s right to do Make-Up alongside men. Dee has worked on a vast array of Film & Television shows, from Dynasty to Dead Poets Society, finally retiring as a department head of the hit television series, “ER” in 2005. Consulting Producer, “Resident Hollywood Make-Up Historian” and Director Jill Smith’s Mother (how convenient!), Dee's personal and career experience makes her an invaluable part of our team.…and yes, we tell her she’s the Boss!

ERIKA TAKAGI   Production & Music Coordinator ("The Fixer")

Originally on the Standard Music Production team (since 2014), Erika has also been adopted into the small but mighty Standard Entertainment film production family. Takagi works with on various aspects of the productions- from technical & administrative to creative, throughout all phases of production. Hailing from Kagawa, Japan, Erika is a recent graduate student from Cal State University, Fullerton... and just wait 'til you hear her play Jazz Guitar!

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