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From No to Now: This is the Untold Story of Hollywood’s First Make-Up Women

Synopsis: “Make-Up Women-Glamour & Guts” Documentary shines a light on the untold story of Hollywood’s First Make-Up Women. Ironically, and not commonly known, even by many working in the entertainment industry today, it was not until the 1970’s when Hollywood’s Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Union, finally (under duress), accepted Women into their Union as Make-Up Artists. Before that time, Women were only permitted to apply “Body Make-Up” and any Make-Up applied to the actor’s face was reserved for Men Only. To be clear- Women had the right to vote in 1920… But No Make-Up until the 1970’s! From the male-only, Studio Make-Up Departments, to Hollywood’s Make-Up Union, established in 1937-Women were discriminated against and harassed for almost 50 years, restricted from entering the craft as Make-Up Artists and ineligible to choose this profession, for no other reason than being a Woman. They were simply told NO and that Women would Never do Make-Up in Hollywood! Well, let’s just say Thankfully- Some Women just don’t hear so good?!  Enter- “Make-Up Women-Glamour & Guts” ...exactly as the title would suggest.


A story of “Firsts”- this Documentary includes a collection of interviews with the very first Women accepted into the Hollywood Make-Up Union, as well as several of the earliest Woman to subsequently join the guild in the mid 70’s. “MAKE-UP WOMEN” Features: Bernadine M.  Anderson- the very first Woman formally accepted into the Union and first African-American Woman. Followed by Charlene Roberson & Dee Manges- the first and only two “Body Make-Up” Women into the Make-Up classification. Ve Neill-Fantasy & Special Make-Up Effects Guru (3X Oscar, BAFTA & Emmy Winner/Face Off Judge) and groundbreaking first "Woman" Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient. Dorothy “Dot” Ponedel (posthumously)- first Make-Up Woman from the Golden Age (hidden and harassed by the union & un-credited), Susan Cabral Ebert-first Woman Make-Up Artist Union President, with first Latina & Japanese members-Nora de la Torre and Kaori N. Turner are among the list. With an abundance of stills, a sprinkling of film clips (as many as we can afford), Ve Neill’s 2016 Make-Up Artists & Hairstylist Guild Lifetime Achievement Award (presented by Johnny Depp), and a Make-Up Women Dinner Party Reunion. Also included are interviews with Legendary Make-Up Men-Rick Baker & Tom Burman as well as the great Mr. Norman Lear.  Additional talent interviews TBA.


An essential piece of Hollywood History and Women’s Rights, which has remained entirely overlooked-until now. For the first time, we bring together these unsung Make-Up Women, to finally tell their story and openly discuss the challenges & obstacles they each faced along their journeys. Recalling a time in Hollywood, Not that long ago, when very few women held posts behind the camera. These creative, highly skilled and often inventive Make-Up Women talk about their artistry and the unique skills necessary to prove themselves successful in the craft. From navigating the longstanding “Boys Club” to learning Special Effects & Beauty Make-Up to the shows & actors, they worked with each sharing stories both personal and professional, ranging from serious to the hilarious. Multiple Academy, Emmy & BAFTA Winners & Nominees, several of whom are still working in Hollywood today, all speak candidly-From No to Now. While making this career possible for themselves, these Women’s significant contributions permanently changed the course for every Make-Up Women who came after them, many of whom don’t even know it. Thanks to their unrelenting persistence, talent, and hard work, these Trailblazing Make-Up Women literally changed the face of Make-up in Hollywood forever.

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