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From No to Now: This is the Untold Story of Hollywood’s First Make-Up Women.

“Make-Up Women-Glamour & Guts” Documentary shines a light on the untold story of Hollywood’s First Make-Up Women. Ironically, and not commonly known, even by many in the entertainment industry today- it was not until almost the mid-1970s when Hollywood’s Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Union finally accepted Women into their Union as Make-Up Artists, under duress. Women were only allowed to apply “Body Make-Up” and any make-up applied to the actor’s face was reserved for Men Only. To be clear-Women had the right to vote in 1920… but No make-up until the 1970s! From the male-only Studio Make-Up Departments to the Make-Up Union, women were discriminated against and shut out for over 50 years, restricted from entering the craft and ineligible to choose this profession, for no other reason than being a Woman. Simply told: “Women will Never do Make-Up in Hollywood!” 


An important piece of Women’s Rights and Hollywood History, which has remained entirely overlooked, or perhaps intentionally swept under the rug? This doc proudly brings together the unsung Hollywood Make-Up Women who have yet to appear in their own history. Finally setting the record straight about the obstacles and challenges and unfair delays they faced along their journey to becoming some of the most sought after Make-Up Women in Hollywood. These creative, highly-skilled, self-taught Artists, share personal and professional behind-the-scenes stories that will make you laugh, possibly cry, including things you probably wouldn’t have imagined. From insight into their craft to the actors and shows, they've worked on to the movie sets and the rarified air of the Make-Up Trailer. 


A story of first's- the Doc includes interviews with the very first and subsequent Women accepted into the Hollywood Make-Up Union. Many are Academy, Emmy & BAFTA winners & nominees, several of whom still work today. Featuring: Bernadine M. Anderson-first Woman & first African-American formally accepted into the Union, former '60s Body Make-Up Women-Charlene Roberson (daughter of notorious Stuntman-"Bad" Chuck Roberson) & Dee Manges, Ve Neill-Fantasy & Special Make-Up Effects Guru (3X Oscar, BAFTA & Emmy Winner/Face-Off Judge) & groundbreaking first "Woman" Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Dorothy “Dot” Ponedel (posthumously)- first Make-Up Woman from the Golden Age (Judy Garland’s make-up artist hidden by the union), Susan Cabral-Ebert-first Woman Make-Up Artist-Union President and first Latina & Japanese members-Nora de la Torre and Kaori N. Turner, are among the 20 women interviewed. Included are behind-the-scenes vintage stills, film & television clips, Ve Neill’s Lifetime Achievement Award (presented by Johnny Depp), Smithsonian African American Museum footage, rare archival documents, original sketches, and a Make-Up Women Dinner Party Reunion. Highlights also include interviews with acclaimed Make-Up Men-Rick Baker & Thomas Burman as well as the incomparable Mr. Norman Lear. (additional talent interviews TBD)


This is the story of the trailblazing and talented Make-Up Women’s whose activism and unrelenting persistence changed the course for every single make-up woman who would come after them, literally changing the face of Make-up in Hollywood forever! 


2019  Standard Entertainment, LLC

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